Mastering the Layered Look with Australian Merino Wool

Date: 15-May-2019

Now with the cooler months just around the corner, it’s time to start layering! Not only will it keep you warm but it is the perfect way to make the most of your wardrobe!

The layered look is an essential strategy to be prepared for the uncertainty of the weather (especially in Melbourne), as it allows you to stay warm and cozy while out-and-about in the winter weather, but still easily remove layers when entering a warm building.

Although, it’s important to remember that bulky layers isn’t necessarily better when it comes to layered fashion. Experts agree that when it comes to staying warm and comfortable during winter, lightweight layers are more effective, especially if you are after a more polished look. Merino wool is perfect for lightweight layering as it is incredibly warm and helps to regulate your body temperature.

Super fine merino wool has the ability to trap heat between the fibres, making it a lot warmer than synthetic fibres that weigh the same. Toorallie offers many merino wool styles to make you master the layering look this winter.

First Layer

Merino wool is great for a base and first layer, because the wool fibres create tiny pockets of trapped warm air that act as insulators, holding in heat next to the body. Merino wool is also naturally able to pull moisture away from the skin through the process of capillary action. If in case you get too warm, wool absorbs sweat away from your skin and the liquid then moves through the wool fibres to the drier surface area of the fabric where it can evaporate. The weight of your base layer controls the warmth level and should be determined by the weather. It’s important during the cold weather to have a warm base layer, such as the Toorallie Crew Merino Tee. This tee is Tooralie’s most popular base-layer garment as it is designed to keep you warm featuring a fitted-on-the-body shape with a crew neck line.    


Once you have a base layer you can add a merino sweater or jumper. Toorallie offers many jumpers that come in varying shapes and thicknesses. If you’re after a lighter jumper that still offers plenty of warmth the Luxe Jumper Ultra-fine would be a good choice. However, if it is a much colder day and you want more warmth you should opt to wear a thicker and warmer jumper, such as the Toorallie Willow Merino Rib, or the Ziggy Merino Sweater.


Merino wool ponchos and capes are a great alternative to coats as an outer layer on warmer or cooler days. They can especially be good for travelling as they can work as a scarf or as a blanket for airplane travel. This layer is the most exposed piece and the wrap that ties all your other layers together. It’s necessary to think about the length of your outerwear so that it suits the rest of your clothing. People typically choose to go longer for their outer layer, but a shorter wrap such as the Mont Merino Wrap or the Roll Edge Ultra Fine Cardi, may work best with your other pieces.


When it comes to layering it’s also good to think about using accessories! Whether it be a soft merino beanie or scarf, adding that extra layer of warmth to your outfit can protect your extremities from the cold air. Toorallie’s Pom Pom Merino Beanie matched with the pymble merino scarf will compliment the rest of your outfit and add an extra level of interest.

Even though this may sound like a lot of layers, Merino wool allows for natural temperature regulation which means that you won’t be adding and removing layers as often. With the right care, you’re merino garments will last through many years of layering.

Once you become more comfortable with the concept of layering, you can start to experiment with textures, mixing patterns, or colouring blocking. The possibilities are endless when it comes to layering clothes!