Why We Choose Superfine Merino Wool

Date: 21-Jun-2019


Merino wool is a natural fibre that is both extremely warm and super soft. It has a broad range of benefits to suit any occasion. People sometimes think that wool can be prickly, heavy and uncomfortable to wear. At Toorallie we use specially selected silky soft merino in every one of our designs. The world’s finest wool, meaning that it is both lightweight and soft on the skin.

Benefit #1: Keeps you warm

Unlike synthetic fibres, merino wool has the ability to keep you exceptionally warm. It has a natural crimp in the fibre that traps body heat in little air pockets around your body, causing you to stay warmer for longer. Merino wool is also a perfect fibre for layering and Toorallie offers many garments to help you master the layered look and stay warm in the cooler months.

Benefit #2: Good for the environment

Merino wool is both renewable and biodegradable. Its natural proteins can completely break down with exposure to the environment and turn into organic carbon. Since the fibre is natural, it is also a sustainable resource because the wool continues to grow on the sheep after the annual shearing of the merino sheep. On the other hand, synthetic fibres which are made out of plastic are definitely not good for the environment and can take up to 400 million years to decompose! Not only will your superfine merino wool garments last for years, but when you’re ready to pass it on, it can be placed in the compost bin and will decompose in a matter of months.

Benefit #3: Odourless

Due to the fact that merino wool is breathable and can manage moisture, means that it can prevent odour-causing bacteria. It is not your perspiration that stinks, but the build up of bacteria that creates a smell. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool can resist bacteria and odour retention. Since the fibre of merino wool is breathable, means that you’re less likely to overheat and over perspire. When properly cared for your merino wool clothing can stay clean and fresh for days, weeks and even months of wear.

Pooginook Merino Stud Farm - Supplying Toorallie Superfine Merino Wool 

Benefit #4: Wrinkle resistant

If you were to closely take a look at a merino wool fibre, it resembles a tightly coiled spring, which is known as a ‘fibre crimp’. When you pull this crimp and let go, it will recoil back into shape. This elasticity and stretch means that you can scrunch it up in your bag and it comes out looking ready to wear.

Benefit #5: Breathable

Merino wool is able to release warmth as needed to avoid overheating, but it can also cool you down when the weather warms up. The way that merino wool is able to regulate your body temperature allows you to stay comfortable in any weather conditions.

Benefit #6: Hypoallergenic

It is common belief that wool is prickly and itchy or an allergen, but merino wool is quite the opposite. Recently, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute published research that demonstrated that wearing superfine merino wool is therapeutic for people who suffer from skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

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