Treat Your Merino Clothing With Love & Care

Date: 30-Apr-2018



So you have bought a beautiful merino wool garment. Congratulations! The merino wool difference is something to cherish. Now that you have your garment there are a number of ways to care for merino wool that will ensure that you get the most out of your new item.


Your Washing Options

How you wash merino wool clothing will ultimately depend on the type of garment you own, however generally speaking merino wool knitwear should be hand washed and other woven merino items can usually be machine washed.

The fail-safe and recommended method for knitted items is a gentle hand wash with warm water and it’s even easier if you have a wool wash setting. For all Toorallie merino fabrics we recommend washing the garment like it's a natural live animal, warm water not hot-cold. Treat it with love and care is the fundamentals.

It is highly recommended that you turn all merino wool garments inside out prior to washing them. Also close any zips or buttons prior to washing the item. This will minimise rubbing, lint gathering on the outer surface of the garment and the garment catching whilst being washed and keep your item looking newer for longer.


Detergent Use

One of the most important things to remember is the type of detergent to use when washing merino wool. Use only approved wool detergents for knitwear, and whilst wool friendly detergents are preferred for all other garments, normal detergent will suffice. With that said, avoid fabric softeners and never use bleach.


Drying Your Merino Clothing Item

The preferred method is to lay any wet knitwear flat and in a shaded area to dry. All other garments may be hung on a shaded clothesline to dry. Avoid leaving wet garments stacked up on one another as you may risk colour transfer.

Under no circumstances should you tumble dry merino knitwear, shirts or tee's as shrinkage may occur when merino wool is exposed to high temperatures. Alternatively, you may tumble dry merino denim however it must be on either a warm or low heat setting.

Ironing your merino wool garment is not something you need to do. Generally speaking, merino wool garments are quite resilient in the sense that they return back into their original shape after a wash. Laying the garment out flat will result in any creases disappearing. With that said, you can iron merino wool clothing. Simply turn it inside out and use the wool setting on the iron.

With do not recommend dry cleaning your garment.


How To Properly Store Your Merino Clothing

Aim to fold your garments before storing them away as much as you can. By folding your garment you will preserve its shape, whereas hanging merino wool garments will see them unnecessarily stretch over time.

If storing your garments for extended periods over the warmer months, seal them in a plastic bag. This will protect them against moth damage and keep the dust off.


And Remember These DONT'S

- Do not use fabric softener

- Do not use bleach

- Do not mingle dark and light coloured garments

- Do not soak merino denim

- Do not wring by hand

- Do not tumble dry