Why Designers Love Merino Wool

Date: 22-Jun-2018



Once upon a time, wool was primarily used as a way to keep you warm. This meant that from a fashion perspective, function definitely took priority over form. However, as more major fashion designers have discovered the extremely versatile and highly adaptable merino wool qualities, there has been a merino wool fashion boom.


Underpinned by its functionality, the stylishness of merino wool and an emerging fashion consciousness has seen the range of designer merino wool garments available explode onto the market. From chic to rustic, merino wool is used in many different ways by designers to create the latest fashionable garments for both women and men.


The resilience and versatility of merino wool means that you will regularly see people wearing merino wool wherever you are. So whether you are on the ski slopes or strolling the streets, you can guarantee that others are doing so in merino warmth, comfort and style.


Water resistant, warm and breathable, the lightweight, stretch resistant durability of merino wool can not be understated. Not only this, but the prized ultra fine merino wool fibres also mean that anyone wearing a merino garment will avoid that pesky itching sensation that other wool blends may give.


Adding to the versatility of merino, its natural softness and eco-friendly fibres have attracted large numbers of “ethical” fashion lovers, and with "slow fashion" on the rise, merino wool is being increasingly embraced by both the fashion industry and consumers who lean towards ethical and environmentally sustainable fashion.


The fashionable luxuriousness of merino and its all natural, incredibly soft feel has also seen a growing list of celebrities and fashion identities consistently clothe themselves in merino wool. And with the long list of natural benefits that come with wearing merino garments, it's clear to see why merino wool has become a contemporary fashion weapon.