What to Look for When Buying Merino Clothing

Date: 23-Jul-2018



One of the best attributes about merino wool is that it’s a fabric that can be worn all year around. Practical for all different sorts of seasonal activities, having high quality merino wool garments at your fingertips is key to a well rounded wardrobe. When buying merino wool garments there are a few buying tips to consider which include;

Quality of material

Arguably the most important feature of any garment purchase is understanding the quality of the material used. Merino wool is no different in the sense that the quality itself is determined on the fineness of the fibre. Ranging from medium fine to ultra fine, the quality of the fibre will inevitably dictate the quality of the garment itself. As a rule of thumb, the more luxurious the feel of the garment the higher the quality of the merino wool.

Size of the garment

Whilst it possibly goes without saying, the size of the garment will greatly dictate how it will look on you. Merino wool garments tend to work best when they are a snug fit. When buying online it's important to rely on the size guide attached to the product you are considering buying and compare that against your actual measurements. Keep in mind that merino wool garments will experience a small amount of shrinkage and its best to avoid exposing it to extreme conditions. This will ensure that your garment retains its shape. To read on how to best care for your garment you can read this blog that we wrote in caring for your merino wool.

Style of the garment

Many garments come in a variety of styles so its important to consider whether the style is one that you are familiar with or at the very least the situation or conditions you plan to wear that style of garment in. Like most clothing purchases, there are undoubtedly functionality considerations to make so it’s important to evaluate the practicality of your purchase. Fortunately with merino wool, nearly all of the garments are adaptable to all seasons and conditions and whilst some items may be suited to winter months there are many others that can be worn all year around.

Colour & stitching

Merino wool garment colours undoubtedly allow your personality to shine through. Traditional foundational colours are always a safe bet for most people however there is no reason for restrict your colour choice to something more colourful. Selecting more neutral colours generally means that the garment will be more versatile in that it matches  with many different garment colours. Considering your hair colour and skin tone when determining the most appropriate colour also has its advantages when determining the right colour for you.

Whilst a more technical observation, the quality of the stitching is a sure fire way to identify the durability of the garment. Setting aside the material, the quality of the stitching can be the difference between a high quality garment and one that doesn’t stand the stress test. The stitching of apparel, when not done properly, can ultimately result in the condition of the garment quickly deteriorating.


Pricing is arguably the most important factor people use when evaluating the purchase of a garment. The major flaw in this logic is that we tend to ignore factors previously covered in this article. The quality of the material, how it measures up and most importantly, how it feels on you is particularly relevant to purchasing merino wool clothing. Not only are these benefits important there are many additional benefits obtained from purchasing a merino wool garment. For further reading on the benefits of merino wool garments we invite you to read that here.