The Skin Health Benefits of Merino Wool

Date: 10-Apr-2019

Skin Health Benefits from Merino Wool

With Autumn upon us and Winter to follow shortly, we all want to ensure our warmth and comfort levels are at its maximum, because let’s face it, who wants to be layered with several garments of clothing, only for the cold to still creep in causing Winter to be even more uncomfortable.

For generations sheep have served a multi-purpose in society by feeding and clothing society, where our forefathers fashioned clothing garments, blankets, rugs and carpets from the very versatile woollen fibres, and through the history of the fabric we saw the development and emergence of Merino wool.

What are the natural properties of Merino Wool?

We all have a fundamental understanding that wool is a product which keeps us warm by keeping the cold out, however, it’s a bit more in-depth than what we see on the surface. Merino wool has an array of benefits and a combination of things which keep us warm and comfortable, and most recently a scientific study conducted has proven it to have skin health benefits too.

Merino wools natural properties makes it a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable material which includes regulating body temperature - maintaining a healthy micro-climate in hot and colder weather environments, while it naturally absorbs perspiration and releases it into the atmosphere, keeping your skin dry and avoiding any clamminess.

Merino wool also has a high ultraviolet and odour resistance, making it an almost perfect material to wear given that it keeps you warm or cool, keeps you dry, and keeps you protected against harsh natural elements.

The comforts of Merino Wool

This woollen fiber is naturally soft and not “itchy” like it’s woollen predecessors and because  Merino wool is not chemically-treated, it therefore remains hypoallergenic, unlike other fibers which are treated with a host of chemicals and colour dyes, and have proven to cause skin irritations or exacerbate existing skin conditions. Where medical studies have shown an increase in findings showing the skin health benefits from wearing Merino Wool.

Clinical studies of Merino Wool allergies

In recent medical studies conducted by leading experts in their fields - The Woolmark Company, and the Queensland Institute of Dermatology - where adults, children under the age of 3, and infants were tested, studied, and monitored on the effects of wool allergens, especially that of Merino wool.

 The trials commissioned by The Woolmark Company, and a secondary pilot study by the Queensland Institute of Dermatology, basically uncovered the beneficial effects of wearing superfine Merino wool (with the fibre measuring a certain diameter) next to the skin, for adult and infant sufferers of eczema, showing significantly reduced skin irritations, along with an improvement in mental and physical wellbeing.

Thus proving that Merino wool had a beneficial skin health effect, along with an improvement in mental wellness, and an overall positive for the wool industry, as we see more base-layer wool products making it’s way into stores and our lives.

The Merino wool sourced and designed for our Store shelves will provide you with the style, warmth and comfort you’re after, while reducing skin allergies caused by wool.