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Men's Merino Knitwear

We have Australia’s highest quality merino wool knitwear just for you. All of our merino knitwear is made with only the highest quality and luxuriously soft woollen merino fibres that provide extreme comfort and warmth. We never compromise on quality. Our men’s merino knitwear garments are offered in two yarn types; worsted yarns provide lustrous clean yarns for a refined look and feel. Woollen yarns are offered in certain styles to make our garments wonderfully light in weight whilst being formidable insulators.

With incredible natural breathability properties, our merino wool will leave you comfortable and dry all year around. Renowned for their durability, our men’s knitwear is made to last and will provide you with years of satisfaction. Shop our collection of meticulously designed pieces to compliment your style and enhance any outfit.




Merino Knitwear

Merino Knitwear