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Juju & Co Leather

Juju & Co fits beautifully with Toorallie, both brands have product quality and the use of natural materials as the cornerstones of their brands.

Juju & Co Leather are committed to reducing their environmental footprint and only work with people that share these same values. This starts with hand selecting leather from premium tanneries in New Zealand and Italy. Their factories in India are part of a global, independently audited initiative to reduce water consumption, hazardous waste, and carbon emissions in the leather industry. 

Juju & Co, like Toorallie believe in ethical manufacturing. This means treating the factory workers with humanity and respect and paying workers a fair wage. Juju & Co visit their manufacturers regularly and have a close working relationship with the family owned factories.

Juju & Co are a Sydney based company who design everything here in Australia.



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Leather Goods