a pioneers legacy

The Toorallie story began almost 200 years ago in 1825 when George Garnock arrived in Australia from Scotland. After a decade of working with the Macarthur family to develop Australia’s first Merino stud George decided to strike out on his own to realise his lifelong ambition to produce the finest Merino wool in Australia.

Riding south to the Monaro district in New South Wales George was one of the first squatters in the region. Establishing his own Merino sheep stud near the town of Bombala. George helped settle the area.

Today George’s sixth generation descendants continue his legacy with Toorallie, named after the family’s sheep property located near George’s original farm. Toorallie is the new chapter in a long tradition of working with elite Merino wool.

And today we’re still writing our story…




Toorallie today


Today Toorallie specialises in producing high quality Merino apparel. The Merino fibre remains the cornerstone of the brand and the life passion of everyone involved, past and present, including George Garnock’ s sixth generation descendants Simon and Stephen Smith, who are executive directors of the company.


Toorallie has expanded its range beyond traditional knitwear to include wool-denim jeans, shirting, t-shirts, hosiery and accessories. The company’s focus is to deliver high quality fashionable Merino garments that provide exceptional satisfaction.


In the modern age of sustainable existence, we at Toorallie consider the Merino fibre, and the garments that can be produced from it, as more relevant than ever. Wool is renewable, long lasting and insulating, and provides real benefits to the wearer and to the world in which we live.