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  • Tooralie does it again.
    I bought a men’s merino polo and a merino tea shirt, both are really nice quality garments, purchased on sale, very good value.
    Many years ago I purchased a jumper from Tooralie at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the quality was good then, and, still is.
    Bill Coote | 24 November 2018
  • I'm not a big online shopper but Toorallie made the experience super easy. I needed to change the size on my original order so I did what was recommended and returned the order for a refund and jumped on line and placed a new order for the correct size. The Australia Post sticker made the return super easy and no cost! My refund and new order have all been sorted within a week and my merino denim jeans are perfect! Excellent customer service and product. Thanks!!!
    Loren Rotunno | 12 October 2018
  • My order arrived this afternoon. I didn’t hear the courier ring the bell, so I had to pick up the parcel from the Post Office. No problem, it’s only five minutes away.

    I was pretty excited when I arrived home – I couldn’t wait to open the bag.

    Well, the pullover was everything I could have expected. It was soft to the touch and warm when I put it on. And it fits just fine. I’ll be wearing the socks tomorrow and expect them to be just as good.

    Thank you for a quality product and great service.

    Cheers, Peter
    Peter | 02 August 2018
  • G'day to all at Toorallie,
    Fourteen years ago I purchased a Toorallie navy blue crew neck merino woollen jumper at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, firstly because of the apparent quality of the garment but mainly because of going through a fairly rugged personal period, I wanted something to make feel good.
    Fourteen years on I am pleased to say that the magnificent jumper, with a few minor repairs, still makes me feel just as good every time that I wear it. I believe this speaks volumes for the quality of your merchandise.
    The Landline feature on your company prompted me to write this testimonial.
    Cheers and thank you,
    Colin Wood.
    Colin Wood | 30 July 2018

  • pure wool: ENVIRONMENTALLY PURE, need I say more!
    mary p | 26 June 2018
  • Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation for the Toorallie Heston Wool polo Grey Marl sweater which arrived safely at Moss Vale in this morning's mail. The quality of the garment exceeds all expectations. It is a perfect fit and I could not be more delighted. Thank you.
    Bruce S.
    Bruce | 14 June 2018
  • Particularly impressed with 2 things about my most recent purchase - Bendigo high rise jeans. No.1: They fit beautifully and are comfortable to wear, as well as looking good.
    No.2: Customer service is first rate - prompt delivery (ordered on Tuesday afternoon, parcel collected from interstate PO on Thursday), smart reusable packaging. Thank you
    Helen Hagen | 09 June 2018
  • I purchased two Toorallie jumpers four years ago at one of your clearance sales. I just wanted to tell you that I still have both of them and they are still in great condition. I throw them in the washing machine and then dry them on the clothes horse and they are great. We moved to Boston, USA late 2013 and they have seen me through some incredibly cold winters with temperatures dropping to -23!. They are a warm, breathable layer underneath my winter jacket and people regularly comment on them. I just felt like letting you know. I haven't been able to purchase any more for a long time as the postage to USA makes it a little less affordable but I hope to restock when we return to Australia.
    Kate | 21 March 2018
  • I bought this wonderful jumper whilst on holiday in Tasmania in the 80's. I have been living in England for the past 10 years and have been wearing it everywhere I go in winter. It has travelled extensively with me, across many countries and continues to serve me well. It shows that when you buy top quality it will last you a lifetime. I love wearing it as it keeps me so warm and at the same time reminding me so much of home. It will outlive me despite it being at least 30 years old.
    Mark | 14 January 2018
  • Hello Toorallie,
    I received my Puffer Vest yesterday & my word what a buy!! I am so so happy with the quality and attention to detail of this garment. For example the little opening in the internal chest pocket to allow for headphones, the lovely deep pockets lined with lovely warm merino fabric. My new vest fits perfectly and looks so good on!! Not at all too puffy, but nicely fitted & so warm. I am so glad I emailed first with my measurements to make sure I got the right size first time. Toorallie is in my favourite online shopping selection!!
    Karen Yung | 29 June 2017
  • Hi,
    I've just received my (mens) Rib Merino Shawl jumper and would like to tell you how impressed I am by its quality. I was also greatly impressed by your customer service both when I visited your shop and on the phone, I couldn't be more satisfied and hope your company goes from strength to strength on the back of really high quality woollen garments and first class customer service.
    Frank B

    Frank Brock | 28 June 2017
  • Hello Toorallie,
    It is so good to know that high quality, well-made woolen socks and garments are still being made.
    My citrus zip-front jacket is such lovely, heavy wool and very well-designed. It will be a favourite for several years.
    The socks are beautifully made, look smart and we will enjoy wearing them.
    It would be wonderful if you could create more wool-white jackets like the zip front in our order – or buttons are fine. I had a collared, pocketed jacket with fairly fine cable-knit, bought in Spain in 1999 which was the perfect travel jacket/cardigan. I wish I could replace it with a similar garment – but in cream/wool-white, no other colour. Would there be a possibility of you designing a cream/wool-white collared, pocketed heavy cardigan like that, do you think?
    Kind regards,
    Jean Lyneham
    Jean | 27 June 2017
  • Just received my new jumper. I have the black already so this one is a great addition.
    Thanks for the speedy delivery and easy to buy from website.
    Love your products.
    Carol Huffer.
    Carol Huffer | 23 June 2017
  • I would like to say how thrilled I am with the beautiful jumper which arrived yesterday. I have not purchased anything from you before but I bought it as a surprise for my daughter who has been very sick.It was the pale grey with navy dots and she was here when it arrived. The packaging was great and the quality is amazing. I sat for a very long time last weekend searching for pure wool lady’s jumpers and could not find anything of any quality until suddenly your website appeared and needless to say I looked no further. It looks beautiful on her and she was so delighted.

    Thankyou Regards Helen Candlett
    Helen | 19 June 2017
  • Dear Toorallie,
    I have received my order and am delighted with the quality and fit of my garment. Your detailed size guide was spot on and a much appreciated tool in my purchase process. Having a comprehensive size guide eliminated any incorrect size risk associated with purchasing from you. Thank you. Kate
    Kate | 06 June 2017
  • Hi, I ordered items on Monday & received them Tuesday - thank you - we are pleased with quality, fit & service. Many thanks.
    Rosemary | 31 May 2017
  • I want to thank you for providing this great exchange service - it makes for an even happier customer.

    I also thought you might like to know why I’ve chosen to purchase your clothing… see photo below…

    The Toorallie wool “jumper" in the photo below was purchased from your stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in either 2005 or 2006. I still wear it! This year it finally began showing signs of wear’n'tear and has gained a breathing hole under the left armpit. I’m not telling porkies when I say that people would come up to me and say “I normally don’t like jumpers, but that is a really nice looking jumper”.

    Now I have two new ones and already feel like a million bucks wearing them.

    Please thank your team for me and let them know how long their clothing lasts and that there are people out here who appreciate the top quality clothes they make.

    Thanks again,

    Kind regards,
    Andrew D | 26 April 2017
  • Thank you. I have washed the jeans before having them shortened, according to your advice. I would like to tell you that, as in previous years, I am delighted with the prompt service from your company, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the product. The fabric is tough but very soft and comfortable, the jeans are beautifully finished, and I know from previous experience that they will take hard wear for a long time. Well worth every cent, and thank you.

    Sincerely - Margaret N
    Margaret N | 26 April 2017
  • I am very grateful to you for dispatching the jeans so promptly! I was delighted to find them on my doorstep when I returned from work this evening.

    Thank you for processing my order so speedily!

    Kind regards,
    Susan | 06 October 2016
  • I want to thank Toorallie for the wonderful service I recently received. Replacement item received without any problems. I love my Bronte wrap. I highly recommend Toorallie clothing to anyone.
    Alison Fricot | 06 July 2016
  • First time buyer - I bought 3 Merino Tees.

    Thought you might like to know my opinion of your product. It is comfortable against my skin, nice colours (Spearmint/Ocean/Poppy), easy to maintain (launder), and keeps me beautifully warm on cold Melbourne days.

    Thanks for a great product.

    Yours sincerely,

    Barbara R...
    Barbara | 02 June 2016
  • Just wanted to send everyone a big THANK YOU. My parcel was in the post box today, well in time to take the garments away. Thanks for such excellent service.

    Kind regards
    Bev M
    Bev Margetts | 11 March 2016
  • Hello
    Just want to let you know my purchase arrived safely today. I am thrilled with the items and wish to thank you for your prompt service.

    Kind regards
    Sue Wait
    Susan | 09 September 2015
  • Hello,
    I received my parcel today and wanted to say thank you I am really pleased with the items I ordered. They all fit really well and the quality is lovely. This is the first time I have ordered from you, I saw your advertisement in the May issue of Country Style so just wanted to give you some positive feedback.
    Thank you for prompt processing of the order.
    Maria D | 03 September 2015
  • Hi Steve just wanted to commend you on your service, recently I returned a jumper which proved to be faulty after washing. You responded quickly, favourably and very professionally, thank you. The replacement jumper arrived within days and I am so pleased with it. Much credit needs to go to you for your brilliant response. I hope to remain a customer for the future, Kind regards Colin
    Colin | 15 August 2015
  • Thank you very much for the goodwill extended to me in replacing a pair of jeans with a smaller size, problem solved. You now have a customer potentially for life and I look forward to soon ordering skirts and trousers directly from you, kind regards Jenny
    Jenny | 03 August 2015
  • Hello, I recently bought a pair of your merino denim jeans (high rise). Just wanted to let you know they are fantastic! I was out all day in the wind and rain yesterday, it was pretty cold and I was toastie warm! I was really pleased. So thanks. (and they look great too)

    Gaye | 11 July 2015
  • Thanks for the prompt delivery
    Cheers Dianne
    Dianne | 11 July 2015
  • Thank you, I have just received my order for the longline black cardigan and I am very happy, I can’t believe how quick the service was, in fact I am going to have another look on the site and see if there is something else I might like, to keep this chilly winter weather out.
    Denise Anyon | 11 July 2015
  • Hi,

    I was very excited to receive my Red Tunic yesterday and it is beautiful.

    I was amazed at you excellent quick delivery as I only ordered it on Monday in Brisbane and it arrived the very next day.

    Many thanks,

    Judy Fleming
    Judy Fleming | 11 July 2015