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  • Hello,
    I received my parcel today and wanted to say thank you I am really pleased with the items I ordered. They all fit really well and the quality is lovely. This is the first time I have ordered from you, I saw your advertisement in the May issue of Country Style so just wanted to give you some positive feedback.
    Thank you for prompt processing of the order.
    Maria D | 03 September 2015
  • Hi Steve just wanted to commend you on your service, recently I returned a jumper which proved to be faulty after washing. You responded quickly, favourably and very professionally, thank you. The replacement jumper arrived within days and I am so pleased with it. Much credit needs to go to you for your brilliant response. I hope to remain a customer for the future, Kind regards Colin
    Colin | 15 August 2015
  • Thank you very much for the goodwill extended to me in replacing a pair of jeans with a smaller size, problem solved. You now have a customer potentially for life and I look forward to soon ordering skirts and trousers directly from you, kind regards Jenny
    Jenny | 03 August 2015
  • Hello, I recently bought a pair of your merino denim jeans (high rise). Just wanted to let you know they are fantastic! I was out all day in the wind and rain yesterday, it was pretty cold and I was toastie warm! I was really pleased. So thanks. (and they look great too)

    Gaye | 11 July 2015
  • Thanks for the prompt delivery
    Cheers Dianne
    Dianne | 11 July 2015
  • Thank you, I have just received my order for the longline black cardigan and I am very happy, I can’t believe how quick the service was, in fact I am going to have another look on the site and see if there is something else I might like, to keep this chilly winter weather out.
    Denise Anyon | 11 July 2015
  • Hi,

    I was very excited to receive my Red Tunic yesterday and it is beautiful.

    I was amazed at you excellent quick delivery as I only ordered it on Monday in Brisbane and it arrived the very next day.

    Many thanks,

    Judy Fleming
    Judy Fleming | 11 July 2015
  • Thank you very much for your fast delivery service. My son who lives in London received the jumper the day of his birthday, which was a very pleasant surprise.
    Thanks again
    Diana | 11 July 2015
  • Sirs

    Ordered Monday am; received Wednesday am; product quality very good as expected; Service excellent.

    Thank you

    EJ Sparke | 11 July 2015
  • Just a note to say that all the items I ordered have been received and I'm delighted with them. The quality and fit of the garments is excellent and their packing and presentation professional and offering maximum care for the garments.

    Thank you for the good service in all ways. I'm glad I've discovered Toorallie!
    Lee | 12 June 2015
  • > Thankyou for your quick response to the placement of Order.
    > Very pleased with goods.
    > Knew the Merino Denim product.
    > The Clovelly jacket my first purchase of Wool ladies wear.
    > So pleased with the quality and fit of same.
    > Always like to feel the softness of wool before purchasing.
    > No concerns, wonderful.
    > Yours
    > Robyn May
    Robyn May | 21 April 2015
  • Hi there

    I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully strong your wool tights are, as well as warm and comfortable.

    I bought a pair last week and wore them for the first time today. I was rushing to get the tram and slipped on a metal grate. I badly skinned my knee but my tights were absolutely unmarked - I was so impressed. If I had been wearing ordinary tights they would have been torn and blood stained ,but I just brushed the dirt off and could go straight to work without having to buy new tights or looking like a complete idiot.

    I'll be buying more of your tights :)
    Felicity Griffin Clark | 05 February 2015
  • Thank you to the gang at Toorallie for the fabulous service. The delivery was on my doorstep before the ink was dry on the work! Jeans fit well too
    Olga | 03 February 2015
  • Hi folks at Toorallie

    Just thought I would give you some feedback on the charcoal dress I recently bought in your sale. It is absolutely fabulous! The fit is a perfect 10 and could have been tailor-made for my body; the style is simple elegance; the quality of the workmanship is firstclass and of course the fine merino fabric makes it a very classy garment. It is always a risk to buy a dress on-line without seeing it or trying it on ( that is why a sale price is more inviting than the full price) so I was ecstatic that this dress turned out to be so wonderful. Well done Toorallie.
    Pam Donovan | 03 February 2015
  • Hi Toorallie

    I ordered a jumper from you on Thursday night & received it in the post today- Monday. Being in a rural area this is amazing!

    I ordered a plain black crew ladies jumper and it is perfect- the wool & knit is outstanding (often difficult to get a sense of texture when shopping on line). I have now just ordered a jumper for my husband.

    Many thanks for your prompt service, beautifully packaged & superb quality jumper!
    Sarah Ashby | 03 February 2015
  • Hello , It is a cold day today and I thought I will put something warmer on and I pulled out my Toorallie jumper that I purchased from a store on Burwood road, Burwood,Sydney.

    It was the winter of 1991. We had moved from the north coast and I had no warm clothes for the winter down south. When I found the Toorallie garments I remember I was very happy to see good wool. I had grown up in Goulburn and can remember my father telling me how Australia was carried by the merino wool. At the time when I was in Sydney, everything seemed to be acrillic or something similar.

    Today having donned my lovely warm jumper which is only 21 years old and both are still as good as the day I purchased them, I decided to look you up on the net, it was not around when my purchases were made.

    So I decided to write to you , something I usually don't do. Today we live in a town that also carries Australia on its back. Unfortunately it is not wool, it is coal and it is dirty. Unfortunately time moves on and things change , somehow I think my winter jumper is not going to change, because we only have a short winter in Newcastle [except for this year] and as I grow older my Toorallie jumpers somehow remind me of my childhood in the 40's.

    Thank you and I hope you will be in business for generations to come .
    Elaine Johnson . | 03 February 2015