We are Australian Merino Wool experts.

  • We draw on our legacy of specialist knitwear knowledge to bring the age-old Merino Wool fibre into the future. Our mission is to honour the circular nature of merino wool in considered garments with present-day practicality. Grounded by the ancestral legacy of ambition and enquiry into Australian merino wool, co-Directors and twins Simon and Steve Smith honour their heritage with a reverence for tradition and an appreciation of modern quality.

  • Merino Wool is a regenerative, natural fibre which underpins Toorallie’s commitment to quality. Our approach to sustainability is frank: the fashion industry will never be truly circular. In response to this we create garments of technical conviction and classic design: they are made to stand the test of time.

We design with intention, honouring the inimitable benefits of the merino wool fibre from the outset through to the finished garment.

  • Australian merino wool is a natural fibre derived from the merino sheep. The wool is spun into yarn and contains self-cleaning and moisture-wicking properties, making it naturally resistant to odour and stains. The fibre also maintains its shape after wearing and washing, lending it long-lasting wearability.  

  • The process begins by selecting every fleece from Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) accredited farms. RWS is an industry tool to ensure progressive land management and uphold animal welfare standards. Generations of
    expertise are employed when selecting wool, evaluating micron, staple length, crimp, and lustre unique to each fleece. The qualities are reflected in the finished garment and can be separated into two distinct categories of knitwear: worsted and woollen.

  • Worsted and woollen styles refer to the different fabric surfaces best achieved by distinctions in micron, staple length and lustre. Yarn is scoured, spun, and dyed based on the desired characteristics specified by the collaborative effort of our Fashion Designer Carly Hunter and Head of Production Simon Smith in our North Fitzroy head office (Victoria). All garments are unwavering in quality and soft to touch; resilience is twisted into each yarn to form a robust material ready for a lifetime of wear.

  • Intertwining an easy modernity with technical innovation, Carly works closely with specialist factories in Guangdong Province and Shanghai, China:
    chosen for their mutual commitment to environmentally conscious practices and community welfare.


    In the common pursuit to push the technical and scientific practice of knitwear production even further, our uncompromising standards of care, transparency, and land, animal and community welfare are mirrored in each partnership. We engage with factories which produce our fully-fashioned, circular, and hosiery knitwear; our
    Merino-Denim is composed by a weaving-mill.

  • We believe in weaving integrity, purpose, and knowledge into practical, modern garments backgrounded by present-day and ancestral expertise. We honour the inimitable environmental benefits of wool and consider our clothes a celebration of our Australian spirit.


  • By working exclusively with factories who mirror our values, we create an empowered chain that strengthens our community. We believe that the act of dressing with intention is powerful. We live our values and are committed to the longevity and traceability of the natural fibre as Australian Merino Wool experts.